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Mycroft Ltd. MyST PortaBat
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Battery pack 16000mAh can power three type of device

1. Digital cameras through the coupler. Coupler is an empty plastic body of camera battery which we use as transponder for power the camera. We tested:
canon DR-E5 DC Coupler
canon DR-E6 DC Coupler
EP-5 Power Supply Connector

We have two ports 7.4V 1.5A and 11V 1.5A.

You can see that you can have have ten batteries or more on you belt.

We can make a coupler for your camera if you have a dead battery or we can adapt your coupler for our Battery pack if you already have coupler.

2. Any devices through USB (5V 3A).

Total weight of the device (without power adapter) is 500 grams.

We made this device for our friends photographers. They like to travel. They likes wild nature. Our friends likes to trip in uncivilized places without electricity. They likes mountains and deserts.
We made this device for harsh conditions.

The basic idea is to place a battery on a belt or in a pocket close to your body or under your clothes, we remove the battery from the cold, and do not kill the charge of battery. The camera is powered through the Coupler passing the wire, for example, through the jacket sleeve. Device can also be used for charging mobile phones, smarthones and GPS devices.

Advantage of this device is that you can manually change the batteries in the battery pack. You will need a screwdriver and a small key :) You can do that after two or more years of using of battery pack. We use standard batteries. You can buy theirs without any problems.

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